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Some frequently asked questions

What are the system specifications to install CrintellTech products?

CrintellTech’s products are a Chrome plugin and a WebApp. So if you can install and run Google Chrome, we are good to go.

How do I install CrintellTech Assist?

CrintellTech Assist is a chrome plugin and is hosted on the Google ChromeStore. Contact us for the link.

How do I install Eva?

Eva is a webapp. Subscribed users can login using a browser. In addition, there is a plugin that is coupled with Eva which can be installed from the Google ChromeStore.

Which ATS’s do you currently integrate with?

CrintellTech can work with any ATS that provides API access to their systems. We currently work with the following:

  1. Jobdiva
  2. Bullhorn
  3. TalentRecruit
  4. Zoho Recruit
  5. LiveHire
  6. Exelare

Which Job Portals are supported

Currently, we support the following portals and the list keeps growing:

  1. Monster US
  2. Monster Canada
  3. Monster India
  4. Monster UK
  5. Dice
  6. CareerBuilder
  7. ZipRecruiter
  8. TechFetch
  9. Indeed US
  10. Indeed India
  11. Naukri
  12. Shine
  14. Jobsite
  15. CityJobs

Is there a limit on the number of downloads?

None of our products have any download or parsing limits. We don’t believe in restricting Recruiters on their usage. They have a lot of challenges already on the job and the last thing they should worry about is download limits.

Does the browser slow down due to CrintellTech Assist or Eva?

Fundamentally, Chrome extensions are never built to alter the performance of the browser. If that were the case, Google would never approve Chrome plugins. CrintellTech Assist only downloads the resume attachment on these Jobboards and emails them to your ATS. We also collect some vital information such as phone number, City, State and zip code.

What is the time taken to parse a resume into the ATS?

The average time taken is less than 2 minutes.

What is the time taken to parse a note into the ATS?

The average time taken is less than 5 minutes.

What information of the candidate will be parsed into the ATS?

The candidate’s resume, contact details, location, availability date, salary information (if mentioned) and the work authorization (if mentioned)

How are Indeed Resumes Parsed?

Indeed Resumes do not have contact information. Hence the resume that is pushed into your ATS will also not have contact information. Also, any Note entered against an Indeed profile will not be added into your ATS.

How is pricing calculated?

CrintellTech products pricing is subscription based, dependent on

  • Number of profiles expected in your account
  • Number of Recruiters using the product
  • Number of new resumes added every month
  • Level of support required
  • If you need on-premise or a SaaS setup

Let’s talk, and we will get back to you with a price.