A chrome plugin that automatically harvests every resume viewed by a Recruiter on a job board and builds a company’s resume database.

Assist AI

How we can help you

Reason One

Client ‘A’ with about 150 Recruiters would save on an average about 700 resumes into their database on a daily basis. With Crintell Assist, that number magically jumped to about 6000 resumes per day.

That’s an enormous 883% increase!

Reason Two

All our customers have a challenge of exhausting their job board view quota well in advance. Through the Crintell Assist duplicate feature, they are able to save more than 50% on job board views.

Auto Save

Streamline your workflow by automatically saving all viewed resumes by the recruitment team on job boards to the company’s ATS.

Assist AI Auto Save

Remove Duplicates

Save your team money and time by getting notified of duplicate or saved profiles or while viewing multiple job boards.

Assist AI Remove Duplicates

Make Notes

Add candidate notes while viewing resume that gets automatically saved to your company’s ATS. Your team members can quickly look at these when viewing a profile.

Assist AI Notes