The founding team at Crintell has decades of hands-on experience in staffing and recruitment and understand the conundrums faced by Recruiters and employers. We knew there was a need for a simple yet powerful solution that would facilitate and empower Recruiters do a better and more meaningful job. Crintell was birthed to provide better resolution to these issues and create measurable impact to the entire recruitment life cycle.

Crintell means comprehensive recruitment intelligence. The products are designed to be self-explanatory, simplistic and efficient. The goal is to infuse automation and intelligence at every step in the Recruiting Life-Cycle.

To begin with, we obsessed with the first step in the Recruiting Process, which is the most time consuming task for a Recruiter – Sourcing – and decided to automate it. 70% of a recruiter’s time is spent just searching and sourcing resumes, often boring and mundane tasks leading to errors, inefficiency and missed opportunities.

There’s significant throughput just to close one position. Recruiters don’t have sufficient bandwidth to keep pace with the latest tools and technologies. The solution is to constantly train Recruiters on new technologies and team restructuring. All of this impacts margins, quality and is not a scalable strategy.

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