Meet Eva

Let Eva’s AI take over the cumbersome job of Sourcing Candidates. A single platform aggregating resumes from multiple sources (Internal ATS and External Job Boards) available for screening and matching.

Eva AI

“At the end of the day, with a 5 member recruiting team, a lot of Job Orders would go unattended due to Bandwidth issues. With Eva, since the sourcing of candidates is automated, Recruiters are able to cater to more requirements, spend more time with candidates and increase client submissions and placements.”

Focus on what’s important


Recruiter Productivity

Eva lets Recruiters spend more time on meaningful and candidate engagement.


Speed and Coverage

Eva quickly and effectively manages sourcing giving Recruiters additional bandwidth to work on multiple job orders.


Quality Leads

Eva’s intelligent screening helps match and engage the best candidates.

Consolidated search across internal database and job boards

State of the art algorithm automatically leverages internal database candidates and matches them to incoming requirements.

Eva AI Job Search

Conversational SMS Chat

Automate and save time with  pre-qualification of filtered candidates with SMS chat supported by Eva.

Eva AI Chat

Candidate Tracking

Reaching out to candidates and bringing in pre-qualified and interested candidates, all into one command centre, for the Recruiter to manage.

Eva AI Tracking

Continuous Search

Eva keeps an eye out for new candidates in Internal database and job boards.

Reports Dashboard

Measure your ROI with Eva’s intuitive reporting

Job Distribution

Job distribution to free and paid job sites, social and professional sites.